Winter 20/21 updates

Changes and updates to the mudlib in its v20.09 Anduin version. This post will be updated during the winter:

Player updates

  • Fixed error with characters command.
  • Help for several commands has been reviewed and/or translated.
  • demo-fantasy game included.

Developer updates

  • Fixed some errors with several commands:
    • tail
    • ls
    • grep
    • sar
    • peace
    • exits
  • Door system reviewed and translated.
  • Coder room translated.
  • Some problems with find_match solved.
  • Races and gender translated and reviewed.
  • /lib/npc.c -> /lib/monster.c
  • Some fixes with load_chat() and load_a_chat() in npcs.
  • actions reviewed, private_actions added. actions command.
  • Everything related with read_mess reviewed and translated.
  • vaults fixed and translated.
  • ious working. ioulist command.
  • contents, event_enter/exit and hud working.
  • write/say and tell_object/tell_room reviewed.
  • Npc combat and death reviewed and working.

Summer 2020 updates

Changes and updates to the mudlib in its v20.09 Anduin version. This post will be updated during the summer:

Player updates

  • Command password fixed, to change user password.

Developer updates

  • Continuous integration with the github repository:
    • Every time code is pushed to the master branch, Hexagon will be deployed again to the hosting server.
    • The driver is recompiled with every deployment.
  • DGD updated to 1.6.13.
  • /docs/ contents replicated for every language.
  • Updated driver documentation included inside the /docs/<lang>/driver directory in every deploy.
  • Hexagon version updated from the last stable version, v19.05, to v21.09 Anduin.

Multilanguage web

Just a small note, we’ve made the web multilanguage, as you can see in the dropdown selector in the upper-right corner. Most of the contents (like this post) are written both in english and spanish, and you just have to change the language to browse the web the way you prefer or understand better.

By default the chosen language would be english (set when you visit the home page).

Updated 5th Nov 2021: now the web is only in english, with no dropdown and without multiple languages.

New web client

We’ve recovered the web client which was available in the old web page, and it’s now available in the play page, which you can find in the web header.

Some techno-babble:

It was difficult to make it work, because we had to update two old projects which did not work with secure web pages (https://). You can find both updated projects in, just in case some of you would want to take a look, use them or suggest some improvement or change:

  • mud-web-client is the web client you can see in our web. It connects through secure web sockets (wss://) to a proxy between the client and the telnet mud.
  • mud-web-proxy is the proxy running in the mud server, that provides the translation between wss and telnet.

Comments are welcome, both in the github issues or through the House of Maldorne Twitter.

The new House of Maldorne web

As you can see, we are building the new House of Maldorne web page. The previous one we were using was just a placeholder without much content, and we were already missing having a real web presence.

To begin with, we have a blog, and we have imported the contents from the old web, the main game we host. All of these old contents are in spanish, but from now on every post will be written both in english and spanish.

Why abandon the old game web? For the last couple years, all the work we have been doing in the Maldorne organization has been focused in developing a new platform to host the games, called Hexagon, whose objective is to host different games inside the same environment.

We think it’s a better solution to group all the information about the different games, about Hexagon and about the Maldorne organization in the same place, so we could focus in just one web.

So, every post you could find before this one will be older (between 2009 and 2017) and will be focused in just one game. From now on, we will be writing about different things, and in both languages.

Actualizaciones en la web

Podréis ver que se ha añadido un nuevo logo de Ciudad Capital en la cabecera de la web, y se ha mejorado todo en general para que sea más visible desde móviles, con unos tamaños de letra e imágenes algo más legibles, junto con un menú desplegable para ocupar menos espacio.

De mudanza

Aunque el propio mud ya hace tiempo que estaba alojado en los servidores de Amazon Web Services, aún teníamos la web en un hosting distinto. Estos días estamos de mudanza, llevándonos la web al mismo servidor, y aprovechando para remozar todo un poco. Desde el lado técnico, cambiamos la tecnología que sustenta el blog, migrando el servidor web de Apache a Lighttpd, y cambiando la base de datos de mysql a MariaDB. En breve el enrutamiento pasará a estar gestionado por Amazon Route 53 y estableceremos subdominios para cada servicio:

  •, y apuntarán a esta página.
  • es la dirección a utilizar para conectarte al mud. El puerto por defecto (23) está abierto a jugadores. El puerto 5000 es el servidor de desarrollo, abierto únicamente a programadores. El puerto 5000 está abierto a jugadores. El puerto 5010 es el servidor de desarrollo, abierto únicamente a programadores.