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Some more info in a timeline in the about page

Trying to add some more useful information to the web, and adding some documentation, this week I made a timeline of the versions of ccmudlib and Hexagon, and added it to the About page so you can take a look.

Not very game-designy, but is a way of stating the amount of work done during the last years, giving dates and specific versions. Maybe some other time I could add some more information there.

Tinkering with the vt100 terminal

I’ve been playing with the vt100 terminal specification (read some history on the wikipedia, or some very technical specification), and although is not very useful yet, some results can be shown:

Has to be really, really improved, as at the moment everything is recalculated with every message sent to the user, but now we can draw characters (and boxes with content) at any position of the screen. Obviously, this will be optional and configurable per player, as not every mud client is compatible with the vt100 spec.

The worldmap is fake for now, but I’m working on it 😃

Some ascii/ansi improvements using box drawing characters

Some improvements have been done in the way some ascii/ansi characters are handled, doing extensive use of the new chr() efun, so problems wouldn’t appear with the encodings of the files in the mudlib. Still a work in progress with some things to polish, but seems to be working.

Take a look to the frames handler that renders boxes with text inside if you need more info, in /lib/handlers/frames.c.

Autumn/winter 21/22 updates

Changes and updates to the mudlib in its v21.09 Beregost version. This post will be updated during the autumn and winter:

Player updates

  • kill command translated.
  • Help about multiple commands reviewed, use help <cmd> to test it.
    • coder/exec
    • coder/exits
    • coder/grep
    • coder/home
    • coder/ls
    • coder/peace
    • coder/sar
    • login/finger
    • login/who
    • player/kill
    • player/look
    • player/prompt
  • Some ascii/ansi improvements using box drawing characters.

Developer updates

Summer 2021 updates

Changes and updates to the mudlib in its v20.09 Anduin version. This post will be updated during the summer:

Player updates

  • Aliases reviewed and working.
  • clear command working.

Developer updates