We’ve recovered the web client which was available in the old ciudadcapital.net web page, and it’s now available in the play page, which you can find in the web header.

Some techno-babble:

It was difficult to make it work, because we had to update two old projects which did not work with secure web pages (https://). You can find both updated projects in github.com, just in case some of you would want to take a look, use them or suggest some improvement or change:

  • mud-web-client is the web client you can see in our web. It connects through secure web sockets (wss://) to a proxy between the client and the telnet mud.
  • mud-web-proxy is the proxy running in the mud server, that provides the translation between wss and telnet.

Comments are welcome, both in the github issues or through the House of Maldorne Twitter.