Changes and updates to the mudlib in its v20.09 Anduin version. This post will be updated during the winter:

Player updates

  • Fixed error with characters command.
  • Help for several commands has been reviewed and/or translated.
  • demo-fantasy game included.

Developer updates

  • Fixed some errors with several commands:
    • tail
    • ls
    • grep
    • sar
    • peace
    • exits
  • Door system reviewed and translated.
  • Coder room translated.
  • Some problems with find_match solved.
  • Races and gender translated and reviewed.
  • /lib/npc.c -> /lib/monster.c
  • Some fixes with load_chat() and load_a_chat() in npcs.
  • actions reviewed, private_actions added. actions command.
  • Everything related with read_mess reviewed and translated.
  • vaults fixed and translated.
  • ious working. ioulist command.
  • contents, event_enter/exit and hud working.
  • write/say and tell_object/tell_room reviewed.
  • Npc combat and death reviewed and working.