At last, shops have been reviewed and they are operative. You can take a look to the ones included with de Fantasy Demo game:

  • /demo-fantasy/areas/erken/rooms/BS.c
  • /demo-fantasy/areas/naduk/rooms/as.c
  • /demo-fantasy/areas/elfereth/rooms/z21.c

One in every town.


You are in a small shop in the town of Erken. Here you can buy or sell every
kind of item with any value.

There is one obvious exit: -north-

By default, a sign will be added:

> read sign
You read a text written in common:

│ │
│ Shop information: │
│ - 'list' to see items on sale. │
│ - 'browse <item>' to see item information (price, condition, etc). │
│ - 'buy <item>' to buy something. │
│ - 'value <item>' to know how much will be paid for something you own. │
│ - 'sell <item>' to sell something you own. │
│ │

And the commands can be used in any shop:

> list
We have fourteen items available:

Just one Cape (1)
A great selection of Daggers (9)
Two Shirts (2)
Just one Small wooden shield (1)
Just one Trousers (1)

Max amount: 30000, current amount: 1136

> buy cape
You buy Cape for 4 bronze coins and 8 copper coins.