As you can see, we are building the new House of Maldorne web page. The previous one we were using was just a placeholder without much content, and we were already missing having a real web presence.

To begin with, we have a blog, and we have imported the contents from the old web, the main game we host. All of these old contents are in spanish, but from now on every post will be written both in english and spanish.

Why abandon the old game web? For the last couple years, all the work we have been doing in the Maldorne organization has been focused in developing a new platform to host the games, called Hexagon, whose objective is to host different games inside the same environment.

We think it’s a better solution to group all the information about the different games, about Hexagon and about the Maldorne organization in the same place, so we could focus in just one web.

So, every post you could find before this one will be older (between 2009 and 2017) and will be focused in just one game. From now on, we will be writing about different things, and in both languages.